Y a Trevor Key se la debemos:


One day, I went to Virgin’s offices above the record shop on Notting Hill Gate to meet a photographer called Trevor Key. I’d first met Trevor on Richard’s boat: he used to take black and white pictures of chromium objects. I loved chrome. I remember he had lots of pictures in his portfolio, and they were works of art, though some of them were a bit weird. […]

I asked Trevor to come out to Harold Wood s o we could talk about some ideas. I remember walking back down Redden Court Road to the station with him, saying, ‘So, what are we going to put on the cover, then?’ We still didn’t have  a title for the album at the time, but in my mind I was really happy with the idea of the bell. It wasn’t just the sound of it; I remembered what had happened in the studio and I was imagining what it would be like to hit it so hard that it shattered completely. I asked, ‘Can you get  a picture of a bell being smashed to pieces?’ He didn’t think he could do that, but maybe he could get a bell and make it look like it had been destroyed in some way.

Mike Oldfield, Changeling.

La imagen corresponde al libro Rock Covers (en Amazon) en el último catálogo de Taschen.