Mensaje de Navidad de Mike Oldfield: disco instrumental para 2014

First of all a very Happy Christmas to everybody ! I have finally got half my new equipment working and I do now believe I have the tools to tackle a new long instrumental piece of music. The Ultra high definition 4 K screen makes all the difference as I can now see almost all the necessary information in one glance and the Pro Tools HDX cards are superb and easily can handle all the work. I just had to wait until 2013/2014 ! And just have to wait for my new Mac Pro coming in February. So watch out for something wonderful in 2014 !!!! Love from Mike

P.S. I just ordered a new Manson guitar which is on it’s way here.
This is the one :

Además de Man on the Rocks, se entiende. Que veremos a ver, muchachos, veremos a ver.(Vía.)