In Halloween III, and indeed in The Fog you bring a likable, everyman quality that kind of reminds me of Glenn Ford. That must have appealed to John Carpenter…

Tom Atkins: I have no idea what appeals to John Carpenter. He’s kind of a recluse now. He lives by himself smoking cigarettes and playing videogames. Well, he has a wife…

En Tom Atkins (“Night of the Creeps”) Interview. Hay un par de buenas anécdotas en esta entrevista, que confirma, por otro lado, algo que ya sospechaba: Tom Atkins es un tipo divertidísimo.

En cuanto al primer encuentro entre John Carpenter y Donald Pleasance/Doctor Loomis:

DEADLINE: And financial pressures are what landed you a great actor like Donald Pleasence, who wasn’t your first choice but went on to make Dr. Loomis an iconic character.
CARPENTER: Wonderful man! I loved Donald a great deal. We were going to start the movie in a week or two, and he came to Los Angeles and I met him for lunch. He said, “I don’t know why I’m in this movie, and I don’t know who my character is.’ I was terrified. I hadn’t dealt with such an established movie actor, and I was a big fan of his work. He said, ‘The only reason I’m doing this movie is because I have alimony to pay, and my daughter in England is in a rock ‘n’ roll group and she said the music that you did for Assault On Precinct 13 is cool.’ But it turned out great.

John Carpenter Q&A: Why ‘Halloween’ Didn’t Need Sequels & What Scares The Master Of Horror.