In the summer of 1999, Bay and Pat were invited to lunch with Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah. “We think it’s great you’re going to run,” Bay remembered him saying on behalf of the House Republicans. “But in no way must you go after George W. Bush.” George Bush was the governor of Texas, and the son of Pat’s old enemy from ’92. “He’s going to be the nominee,” said Cannon. The GOP establishment had lined up all the money and necessary endorsements. They had a timetable for victory in the primaries and they intended to dictate media access, coverage, and message.

“Do you know where he stands on the issues?” asked Bay.

“We don’t care,” Cannon replied. “When he’s elected, Congress will control policy. We’ll just send him the bills to sign.”

Timothy Stanley, The crusader: The life and tumultuous times of Pat Buchanan. (Amazon.)

Puede que William Goldman lo dijera primero…

… pero yo lo escribo con la misma convicción:

I read The right stuff [Lo que hay que tener] as a reader. I was said it was terrific, but that proved to be a understatement. It was just a mastery piece of work, one of the more exciting reads I’ve had in a decade.

William Goldman, Adventures in the screen trade. (En Amazon. También en Amazon y en la Casa del Libro Lo que hay que tener, de Tom Wolfe.)