A toro pasado…

And what have we now in Germany? A land of bankers and car-makers. Even our great army has gone soft. Soldiers wear beards and question orders. I am not ashamed to say I believed in National Socialism. I still wear the Iron Cross with diamonds Hitler gave me. But today in all Germany you can’t find a single person who voted Adolf Hitler into power… Many Germans feel guilty about the war. But they don’t explain the real guilt we share — that we lost.

Hanna Reitsch.

Enya, «Athair ar Neamh»

Athair ar Neamh, Dia linn
Athair ar Neamh, Dia liom
M’anam, mo chroí, mo ghlóir,
moladh duit, a Dhia.

Fada an lá, go sámh
Fada an oích’, gan ghruaim
Aoibhneas, áthas, grá,
moladh duit, a Dhia.

Móraim thú ó lá go lá.
Móraim thú ó oích’ go hóich’.

Athair ar Neamh, Dia linn
Athair ar Neamh, Dia liom
An ghealach, an ghrian, an ghaoth,
moladh duit, a Dhia.

Father in Heaven, God bless us
Father in Heaven, God bless me
My soul, my heart, my glory,
praise to you, God.

Long is the peaceful day
Long is the night without gloom
Delight, joy, love,
praise to you, God.

I glorify you day after day.
I glorify you night after night.

Father in Heaven, God bless us
Father in Heaven, God bless me
The moon, the sun, the wind,
praise to you, God.

De la traducción

La posición de los cristianos en el mundo árabe…

… y el puzle al que faltan algunas piezas.

Vatican Insider: ¿Por qué son “históricas” las palabras del Papa sobre Siria?

George Sabra: El Papa dijo que la “primavera árabe” es una búsqueda de dignidad y libertad por parte de los pueblos árabes y dijo que los cristianos no deben abandonar sus países de origen, porque forman parte de ellos y no son huéspedes, por lo que deben perseguir con los demás la libertad y la democracia. Por ello su visita fue un apoyo a nuestra causa y a la causa de la libertad. Los cristianos no necesitan que Assad les proteja, porque son “copropietarios” del país como los demás sirios. Puedo decir que estoy orgulloso de ser cristiano después de haber escuchado una verdadera voz cristiana.

De esta entrevista.

Bien, astuto…

Paris Hilton, a sort of Kate Middleton who dropped out of finishing school, experienced her gotcha moment in a late-night New York taxi discussing a smartphone app — it’s gaydar really — that enables homosexuals to locate one another for trysts. "Say I log into Grindr," a gay male model (redundant?) companion informs the hotel heiress. "Someone that’s on Grindr can be in that building and it tells you all the locations of where they are and you can be like, ‘Yo, you wanna f***?’ And he might be on like, the sixth floor."

Paris, in Paris fashion, responds: "Ewww. Ewww. To get f***ed? Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS."

Grossed out by strangers acquiring carnal knowledge, Hilton counsels her friend against the semi-public hook-ups. "I would be so scared if I were a gay guy," she explains. "You’ll like, die of AIDS." This commonsense advice has, like, made Hilton a homophobe. OMG!

The media revulsion is not over anonymous encounters in public but a conversation among friends ostensibly in private. When the star of 1 Night in Paris plays the grown up, it’s later than you think.

Ajá, ajá.

Podría decirse más alto, por supuesto…

Pregunta: ¿La Iglesia tiene una relación difícil con la modernidad?

Respuesta: Creo que es la modernidad la que tiene dificultades consigo misma. La modernidad está fundamentalmente marcada por un pensamiento débil, de poca visión, que no ayuda al hombre a afrontar la realidad de sus problemas. El pensamiento de la Iglesia es un pensamiento fuerte, que te impulsa.

Habla Enzo Fortunato, teólogo franciscano. Entrevista completa aquí.

La cómica biografía de Barack Obama…

… de acuerdo con Tim Stanley:

Barack Obama was born in 1961, the location marked by the appearance of a new star in the East. His mother lived on food stamps and his grandmother owned Hawaii. Between them, their son averaged out as middle-class.

From an early age, the young Obama displayed the abilities to listen to others, understand their problems and write a book about how they made him feel. At age 3, he had written his first memoir (Dreams from My High Chair) and by twelve had produced his own version of the English dictionary with the notable feature that every entry contained a reference to himself (“Godlike, adjective. ‘To be somewhat like Barack Obama’”). He excelled at every subject and could easily have become an astrophysicist or a baseball player.

The real Obama is humble, high achieving and way cooler than Mitt Romney. Just ask David Brooks.