Viviendo entre salvajes

Gavin McInnes ha depurado la técnica para enfrentarse a sus congéneres liberales* en la liberal Ciudad de Nueva York. La expone en Taki’s Magazine y reproduzco el siguiente párrafo:

Once you get into this Trojan Horse method of placating the left, you get to say whatever you want. “I love gays. They’re wonderful. This is why I find it so hurtful when people keep describing the Catholic Church as a place where boys get raped. They know full well it’s not toddlers getting molested but adolescent boys. It’s very clear the ones doing the touching are frustrated homosexuals at war with their own libidos. Catholic-bashing is tantamount to fag-bashing, and we need to have an open discussion about the inner struggle that gays face.”

Sigue, por supuesto.


*Usado en sentido americano: de izquierdas, progreprogresista.

Bravo, bravo…

Timothy Stanley escribe sobre Aaron Sorkin y The newsroom:

If you’re an old, white man who remembers Adlai Stevenson with fondness, then you’ll love The Newsroom. HBO’s new series is written by Aaron Sorkin, who brought us sophisticated dramas like West Wing and The Social Network. His most recognisable motif is two characters walking down a corridor talking fast. Given that walking and talking at the same time can be an intellectual challenge for some, Sorkin’s scripts are often mistaken for being very, very clever. But they are actually the verbal equivalent of smoke and mirrors. The constant movement distracts from the banality of the conversation and the rat-a-tat-tat of the words distracts from the fact that nothing is happening right now. Upon this facade, Mr Sorkin has built a career.

Ya he dicho antes que Stanley es un tipo brillante. El artículo sigue aquí.

El «destructor en jefe»…

… o sea, Peter Hitchens, dispara munición pesada contra los impuestos:

What on earth is moral about paying tax? A greedy, slovenly state forces you to hand over roughly half your money every year, by threatening to send you to prison if you don’t.

Then it shovels that money carelessly down a huge hole. The Government is bad at almost everything it does. If you sent it out to buy you a loaf of bread, it would come back a week later with stale cake, and pretend it had lost the change.

Mírelo por el lado positivo, Hitch: en el Reino Unido no existe una agencia para el desarrollo del flamenco. Aunque posiblemente una Bibiana Aído. Para compensar.

Del Mail on Sunday.

Pat Buchanan contra el libre comercio internacional

If one would, in a sitting of a single hour, understand where and why America converted from the economic patriotism of Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Cal Coolidge to the free-trade ideology of academics and ideologues, none of whom ever built a great nation, let me commend a splendid pamphlet from The Conservative Caucus.

Sigue aquí.

¡El libro! ¡Tiene que haberlo leído en el libro!

Lo taladró con una mirada de expresión sardónica.

-Comiénzalo pronto. En seguida.

Incongruente. Allí había algo extraño.

-¿Te gustaría?


-¿Pero no te echaría eso fuera de Regan?

El demonio apoyó la cabeza, riendo como un maníaco; luego se interrumpió en seco.

-Nos uniría.

-¿A ti y a Regan?

-¡A ti con nosotros, mi buen amigo!

William Peter Blatty, El exorcista.