No es que me sorprenda; Obama fue siempre un Gran Embaucador…

At the end of Sunday mass at the church this writer [Pat Buchanan] attends in Washington, D.C., the pastor asked the congregation to remain for a few minutes.

Then, on the instructions of Cardinal Archbishop Donald Wuerl, the pastor proceeded to read a letter.

In the letter, the Church denounced the Obama administration for ordering all Catholic schools, hospitals and social services to provide, in their health insurance coverage for employes, free contraceptives, free sterilizations and free “morning-after” pills.

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Costa Concordia

Taki no toma rehenes:

In the chaos that ensued after the ship began to sink, the legendary edict of women and children first—which is not part of maritime law, and I would know, since my father was a ship owner—fear took over with the predictable Darwinian results. The strong managed to get a place on the lifeboats; the weak did not. But 100 years ago when the Titanic sunk, 72% of the women and 50% of the children were saved, as opposed to 18% of the men. With a few exceptions, this was the way it should have been. Three Italian men from steerage were allegedly shot dead for disobeying the order to allow women first. The ratio of those who survived reflected the era’s chivalry.

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Movimiento de fichas…

As she [Merle Hoffman, activista por el derecho al aborto] explains, the pro-life movement thought that, if women really knew what abortion was — the killing of an unborn human being — they would decide to keep their babies. She rejects the argument.

Hoffman argues that women do know what an abortion is. Abortion does stop a beating heart and that it is not “just like an appendectomy.” Her conclusion is that women know that abortion is “the termination of potential life.”

She then makes this statement:

“They knew it, but my patients who made the choice to have an abortion also knew they were making the right one, a decision so vital it was worth stopping that heart. Sometimes they felt a great sense of loss of possibility. In the majority of cases, they felt a great sense of relief and the power that comes from taking responsibility for one’s own life.”

Aprecio la honestidad. El artículo sigue aquí.

A porpósito, la Wikipedia ofrece una hagiográfica biografía de Hoffman, por si alguno se pregunta cuánto le debe el género femenino a esta mujer.

Él, ella o más bien ello

La podredumbre, inasequible al desaliento:

The far left in Europe and America has attained the same phantasmagoric and orgiastic repudiation of reason as their predecessors, the leaders of the French Revolution.
The hopes of egalitarianism embraced by the leaders of the French Revolution included eliminating real and perceived inequities by abolishing class distinctions, which project included killing off the aristocracy and clergy while de-Christianizing society.  They hoped by so doing to begin society anew.
However, in their wildest dreams, none of the leaders of the mobs ever advocated the elimination of gender as a means of establishing liberté, egalité et fraternité.
But the addled progeny of the Revolution, here and abroad, are seeking to do just that.  The hope appears to be that the end of discrimination will be achieved by rendering the sexes fungible — or better yet, nonexistent.  The elimination of gender distinction and the establishment of androgyny are to usher in communal utopia.
For example, the most recent Council of Europe convention on gender has defined gender as a purely social construct.  Eliminating biological distinctions as the determinative factor of gender, the Council has redefined gender as meaning “the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men.”
Lest it be thought the Council’s definition of gender is a mere aberration, its “advanced” sociological philosophies advocating the abolition of gender are to be found in academia, both here and abroad.
For example, Magnus Hirschfield, author of the The Sexual Revolution opines:
[I]n the bourgeois, capitalist societies of the West which are dedicated to individual freedom, the sexual revolution continues. The right to sexual self-determination is considered as important as ever, and, indeed, various sexual liberation groups are working hard to extend it.

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Política internacional, inc.

Los años que siguen van a ser testigos, entre otras cosas, de una lucha encarnizada entre los homosexuales, por una parte, y los cristianos, por otra, y esta lucha va a ser inevitable: no hay buenismo que la resuelva. Las posiciones son irreconciliables, y eso ya lo vemos.

Jean Willys del PSOL escribió el 12 de enero un artículo titulado “Benedicto XVI y las amenazas a la humanidad” publicado en la revista semanal Carta Capital, en el que señala que el Papa, “acusado de ver con simpatía el nazismo, dijo que el casamiento civil igualitario (de homosexuales) es una amenaza a la humanidad” y escribió en su cuenta de twitter que el Santo Padre “es un genocida en potencia”.

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A propósito:

Sobre los ataques del diputado Willys al Santo Padre, el Obispo de Aracaju (noreste de Brasil), Mons. Henrique Soares, denunció “la suciedad y la mala fe de la prensa de modo general cuando se trata de la Iglesia y del Papa Benedicto XVI”.

El todopoderío paneuropeísta vs. el ciudadano

Taki de nuevo:

 When I read of a Greek mother begging for some insulin for her diabetic son because she couldn’t afford it—doctors had lucrative deals with drug manufacturers who insist on up-front payment—I came close to losing it. Greece’s fat cats continue to get fatter; not a single crook has gone to jail or even been charged, yet the obese socialist finance minister called Venizelos demands more sacrifices.

Léelo entero para saber por qué Taki opina con gran sentido de la justicia que Madonna debería arder en el infierno. Aunque por supuesto esta última observación es de mi propia cosecha.